Measure And Improve Employee Engagement

Perkbox Insights makes gathering and acting on regular employee feedback easier than ever.

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Get feedback in all the right areas

Insights comes with a library of engagement questions based on the most up-to-date research

Get to know your employees better, whilst benchmarking your company across 10 key drivers of employee engagement observed in the world's top performing organisations.

Simple, visual results

Insights simplifies and structures the way you gather employee feedback. It's designed to automatically check-in with everyone anonymously with a few, simple questions. 

Our pulse surveys are quick to set up, reduce survey fatigue and work on any device.

Understand what your employees are really thinking

Why Perkbox Insights?

Our real-time dashboard helps you cut through the clutter and quickly identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Easily monitor what your employees are saying and how engagement levels differ between teams and over time.

New features coming soon…

Perkbox Insights is in Beta release, which means we're constantly learning, iterating, improving and adding new features as we go. 

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Create your own custom questions to add to your regular pulse surveys, or send them as one-off surveys to specific teams.

Custom Surveys

Demonstrate how you're listening to your employee's feedback by publishing key initiatives on our company-wide action board.

Company-wide Action Board

Sometimes comments and employee feedback requires further dialogue. Follow up anonymously with employees to help resolve bigger issues.

In-app Anonymous Messaging

See how your engagement scores compare to industry standards and other similar organisations.

Cross-company Benchmarking

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